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Raw? Polished? Unpolished? Answered here

You can find both unpolished (aka raw) and polished Baltic Amber on the market, in shops & online for sale. The fundamental difference is that unpolished look “rough”, dirty & matte in appearance whereas the polished one, will look smooth, soft & shiny in appearance.

Both kinds of Baltic Amber are equally safe and contain the same amount of “healing properties” for your baby/child, so which one to choose is ultimately up to your personal preference. No colour is better than another other. There really is only 2% difference between the Butterscotch & the Cherry, so again. It’s a personal choice. Lots of people like the look of unpolished (aka Raw) while others will like the look of the polished beads.

Healing effect of each – This is where unpolished (raw) Amber is slightly ahead of polished Amber. Unpolished (raw) Amber has a faster absorption of healing properties than its polished counterpart. The unprecedented interaction with the skin ensures that your child doesn’t suffer from teething pains anymore. Polished Amber looks good on children/babies, but they have a slower absorption rate of healing properties. The jewellery may look shiny and glistening, but when it comes to reducing teething pain, it falls behind unpolished (raw) Amber. Unpolished (raw) Amber contains more succinic acid than polished Amber, thus reducing teething pains more quickly.

Raw Baltic Amber is just that unpolished Amber. Raw genuine Baltic Amber is yet to be shaped into beads. That is why you will find unpolished Baltic Amber stated on my website/Facebook Page & not raw.

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