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Baby to Toddler Hazelwood Necklaces

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Our Baby to Toddler size necklaces range from 30cm to 33cm in length.

Chances are you’ve heard by now the importance of having a balanced pH in order to live in optimal health. When it comes to eczema, we often forget that it’s what’s underneath the skin that really causes the problem – and pH can play a huge role in what happens on the surface of the skin.

Many children find themselves in a state of acidity due to a wide variety of reason, and this acidity upsets their naturally healthy pH balance and can lead to a whole host of issues. Acid reflux, eczema, infections, mood issues, and poor digestion are just a few of the ways that a lack of alkalinity can cause problems. The good news is that there are several ways to help the body release excess acidity so that it can get back to its strong and protected balanced state – and Hazelwood necklaces are one of the ways this can happen.

Within the eczema community, Hazelwood has become a champion of support. The wood from the beautiful Hazelwood plant has the ability to absorb acidity from the skin so that your child’s body can get itself back to a healthy pH state. The wood of the Hazelwood plant is soft and smooth once carved, and it feels nice against soft skin. As the wood rests on your child’s skin, it gets to work literally pulling out the acidity from the system and locking it away within its fibres.

Since eczema is aggravated by acidity in the body, many people see a drastic reduction in eczema flare-ups within just a few weeks of daily Hazelwood wearing. As the wood absorbs and helps the body balance pH, the things that an acidic environment causes start going away. According to industry experts, as many as 70% of all parents who use Hazelwood necklaces or teething beads for their children see positive results within a few weeks of use.

So we stock a small range of premade designs with custom designs available to order via our Facebook page.

Mums’n’Bubs Baltic Amber jewellery is of the highest quality. Each piece is handmade to comply with all safety regulations, comes with a certificate of authenticity as well as 6 months warranty. All of our jewellery comes in a beautiful bag, as well as a care & use information card.

Please measure the length of the child’s neck before you order to ensure the correct size is ordered.

We recommend measuring the neck with a piece of string and ruler or a soft measuring tape, to ensure the correct fit. To do this, measure from the collarbone around the neck until the tape/sting meets again at the collarbone. This is the correct size for your child.

Necklaces on children under 36months are meant to only sit on their collarbone and allow 2 fingers between the necklace & their neck.

All of our threaded jewellery is knotted between each bead with a screw breakaway clasp for safety. If the necklace is broken only one bead will come off. The screw clasp will also release if too much pressure is applied to the thread near the clasp.

Baltic Amber is a resin that’s been found to contain many healing properties. These come from a natural acid called succinic acid.

Each jeweller piece is designed to be worn close to the skin and not chewed or put near the mouth. Even though it is called teething jewellery by lots, it isn’t be chewed on as the beads are very hard and may cause damage to teeth.

Always supervise young children under 36 months when wearing the necklace, even if they are sleeping/napping. Always seek medical advice if you have any concerns about your child’s health and wellbeing.

As per the ACCC guidelines, we do not make any therapeutic claims in regards to our Baltic Amber/Gemstone or Hazelwood jewellery. All of Mums’n’Bubs jewellery is not a toy and can be a choking or strangulation hazard for under 36 months.

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