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Baby/Toddler Baltic Amber Anklets

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Baby/Toddler Baltic Amber Anklets

These gorgeous handmade anklets are made by us, Mums’n’Bubs.

Our Baltic Amber Anklets can be safely worn by your baby from any age. Our anklets come in both adjustable from 8cm (birth) to 21cm (average adults wrist)
While Baltic Amber is used for teething is also the Ultimate Eco-Fashion Statement this century. Babies look so cute in their little anklets made by Mums’n’Bubs.

As each anklet is handmade, they will have variation in bead shape and size but the total length will always be approximately 13 cm to 17 cm. Each bead is individually knotted on a thread with a screw breakaway clasp for safety.

Anklets are ideal if you love, want to use Baltic Amber but don’t like the idea of a necklace for your baby. These give the benefits of Baltic Amber without the risk of it being around bubs neck.

Please measure the length of the child’s anklet before you order to ensure the correct size is ordered.

For anklets, we recommend measuring the ankle with a piece of string and ruler or a soft measuring tape, to ensure a good/safe fit.
Anklets for babies/toddlers should be 1cm bigger than the measurement.

Baltic Amber is a resin that’s been found to contain many healing properties. These come from a natural acid called succinic acid.

Each jeweller piece is designed to be worn close to the skin and not chewed or put near the mouth. Even though it is called teething jewellery by lots, it isn’t be chewed on as the beads are very hard and may cause damage to teeth.

Always supervise young children under 36 months when wearing the anklet, even if they are sleeping/napping. Always seek medical advice if you have any concerns about your child’s health and wellbeing.

As per the ACCC guidelines, we do not make any therapeutic claims in regards to our Baltic Amber/Gemstone jewellery. All of Mums’n’Bubs jewellery is not a toy and can be a choking hazard for under 36 months.

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