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Fertility Bracelet Gemstone Jewellery Bracelets


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The journey to conception isn’t always easy or simple; the journey can be filled with many highs, many lows, lots of disappointment, self-lack and confusion along the way.
The Fertility Bracelet is designed using the best Gemstones known for fertility to support you in healing and nurturing, providing compassion and understanding while on this road to conception, reminding you that you are whole, worthy, and deserving of being with a child.
Featuring highly protective and nurturing crystals to help you on this journey.

Each bracelet has been handmade on a thick elastic to a standard 19.5cm size, if you need a different size, please note that in the comments at the time of ordering.

This design has:
Carnelian. Have a healing influence on female reproductive organs
Unakite. During childbirth keep calm and centred in your heart
Rhodonite. Stimulates fertility and can help heal both physical and emotional wounds
Moonstone. Good for regulating menstrual and fertility cycles
Rose quartz. Increase fertility, love energy
Amethyst. Celestial wisdom clears spiritual toxins, absorbs negative energy
Smoky Quartz. Disperses fear, and lifts depression and negativity. It brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety

Care Instructions

Avoid exposure to chemicals, soaps and other cleaning products. Avoid contact with body creams, sunscreen, powder, perfumes etc. To clean your jewellery wipe the beads with a damp cloth or rinse them in warm water and leave it flat in the sun to dry. Do not soak or sterilise the bracelet.

Monitor the jewellery for any signs of damage to the thread or clasps.

All bracelets are handmade to order. The images displayed on this listing are for illustration purposes only. The bracelet you will receive will be very similar to that shown. When significant changes occur within batches of crystals and stones that I use, I will update the picture to reflect that change. All stones and crystals are unique and no two beads are the same.


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