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Drieyes – Hair Washing Aid

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What is Drieyes? It is a visor looking item that makes washing hair a time of pleasure & not a chore. It ensures that washing your hair becomes child’s play!
Giving your child control & not getting water, shampoo or conditioner in their eyes, gives you have both hands free.
This makes hair washing faster and easier for everyone.

How does Drieyes work? Your child holds the eyeballs in a horizontal position so that the eyes are looking straight ahead.
Place the Drieyes on the forehead, avoid hairs between the closing edge. Make sure that the sealing edge is pressed up against the forehead, so not down, otherwise water can still come through. Your child can determine a comfortable position by moving Drieyes up and down.
Your child gently presses the Drieyes against the forehead. Now you can effortlessly wet your child’s hair, apply shampoo, conditioner or a lice treatment and rinse again.

Suitable from 3 years +


  • Encourages active participation by giving control and independence to the child
  • Enables clear access to the child’s entire head of hair
  • The seal is soft therefore only light pressure is required to hold the Drieyes in place
  • The rubber seal is made from Santoprene. All materials are food grade standard
  • Clean by gentle washing in soap and warm water
  • Can be stored by hanging from the eyeballs on any horizontal edge
  • Drieyes™ is suitable for long and short hair, for boys and girls. It is ideal for the pre-school age or children with special needs.

Method Of Use

  • The child holds the eyeball handles in a horizontal position in front of their face
  • They place the Drieyes on their forehead ensuring no hair gets stuck under the seal.
  • The child can tilt the eyeball handles up or down to suit the shape of their forehead
  •  They gently push Drieyes onto their forehead ready for hair washing and rinsing
  • Drieyes can also be used with the child leaning forward and resting their elbows on their knees

Australian Made & Designed

Weight: 140 gms
Size: 20.5cm x 18 cm
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Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 7 cm

Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green


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