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Adults Hormone balancing Bracelet, Designed for PCOS & Menopause


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Are you looking for the perfect gift?
Healing Gemstone jewellery has been made with my lovingly handmade Gemstone collection, you can be assured of high quality at an affordable price.
This attractive piece of jewellery was designed by using a medley of recommended natural Gemstones to support you on your required or chosen journey. I am using genuine Gemstones on a thick stretch cord with a knot hidden and fused inside of a bead.

The Gemstones used are:
LABRADORITE Balances hormones, lowers blood pressure and helps with disorders of the eyes and brain. Helps to treat colds. Labradorite is also very protective against negative energies, balancing, strengthening and protecting the aura and sealing the aura from energy leaks. Dispels fear, anxiety and negativity.

CITRINE ‘is a stone of solar and navel chakras. Citrine energizes on all levels and protects your aura. This crystal is a great stone for prosperity, it raises self-confidence, improves motivation, promotes joy, and balances emotions.’ The gemstone is thought to have the power to disperse depression and manage anger, it is said to make her fertile, happy, and contented. It is also helpful for menstrual and menopausal symptoms, balancing hormones, and emotions, and alleviating fatigue.
Promotes cheerfulness and strengthens self-belief. Citrine is good for stomach trouble, digestion, the thyroid, and the circulatory system and can help to control hot flashes.

CLEAR QUARTZ acts to amplify the energies of any other stones.

MOONSTONE ‘is a stone of the solar plexus. It represents new beginnings. Moonstone has loving feminine energy. As the Moon, it influences any cycle of change. This beautiful crystal promotes intuition and empathy, and improves emotional intelligence.’ is the stone of feminine power and new beginnings, supporting you to move to the next phase. When trying to conceive, always combine Rose quartz with Moonstone. Moonstone is a perfect stone that resonates with one’s feminine side. This stone of the Goddess can and should be used to regulate all kinds of cyclic processes (the Moon property) including the menstrual cycles. Moonstone is a great gemstone for fertility. and sexual problems. It has a calming energy, balancing emotions due to stress and anxiety. Moonstone regulates a woman’s menstrual cycle and boosts female energy.
Moonstone has a positive effect on every symptom related to menopause. It helps to balance the hormones and eases stress and anxiety.

FLUORITE is great for fertility, it is supposed to help with imbalanced hormones, PMS, PCOS, and menopause. Fluorite will help your libido make a comeback. It brings stability to the mind and emotions. This crystal can bring spiritual awakening and clear communication between physical and spiritual planes.

Gemstones & their meanings are not prescriptions or have any healthcare information.

Colours/shapes can vary from the picture. All jewellery pieces are handmade and unique.


45cm, 55cm

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