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About Mums’n’Bubs

Hi, my name is Bek. I am the creator of Mums’n’Bubs, previously known as Mums’n’Bubs Amber.

As the name suggests I am a mother to 4 children and a stay at home Mum. My children have special needs and require extra care, which is why I decided to create a business from home that stocks amazing & funky products from far & wide. But as my little business has grown from just being all about Baltic Amber jewellery to a larger range of products for little ones & big ones, I thought it was time to expand to a new name. So here is the new business, Mums’n’Bubs.

I have done this amazing little business so I could work around them, give them the extra care they need & make an income for my family & allow families to get products they would not normally be able to buy.

What started Mums’n’Bubs? Well, first of all, it was the love I had for with Baltic Amber, that has been growing now for 10 years. Because of the beauty and healing properties, I started to wear it for my own use when my #3 child was born & found how great it is. However, I found that most pieces were plain & boring, no one likes plain & boring so it wasn’t long before I was making custom designs for family & friends. Theis formed the basis of my business and I have been making them now for 7 years.

I have also branched out into more items as the business has grown as I have found the need for these items & I love them as a parent. So the products you see on my website are items I have used every day with my children, or I have used with them at some point as a mum of 4 special needs kids. If I am selling it, you know it is a great product and one that you and your children will love as well.

Love, Bek

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