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Adult Amethyst, Moonstone, Cherry Quartz, Silver Plated Hematite Gemstones with Lemon Baltic Amber Necklace


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Handmade Adult Amethyst, Moonstone, Cherry Quartz, Silver Plated Hematite Gemstones with Lemon Baltic Amber Necklace is made on a thick thread with a screw clasp for ease of use.

The length of the necklace is 50cm from clasp to clasp.

Made with AAA quality Gemstones as followed:

Amethyst  – Promotes calm, serenity, and spirituality. Helps with addiction and stress, headaches, blood sugar imbalance; left brain imbalances; edginess; facilitates healing; inner peace; psychic insight; stimulates third eye; aid for meditation, spiritual opening & internal surrender. Increases vivid dreams of relieves depression.

Rose Quartz  – Calming, reassuring, excellent for trauma, crisis. Attracts love, relationships, restores trust and harmony in relationships, encourages unconditional love. Gently draws off negative energy, replacing it with loving vibes. Strengthens empathy, sensitivity, aids the acceptance of the necessary change. Excellent for a mid-life crisis. Soothes internalized pain and heals deprivation. Comforts grief. Encourages self-forgiveness, acceptance, invokes self-trust and self-worth.

Hematite – Hematite is associated with the Spleen, blood, and cleansing. The iron in this mineral has a strong effect on the blood. Used in supporting the kidney’s blood-cleansing function. Recommended for those with anaemia. Helps in tissue regeneration. Hematite is given to those who need to regroup after jet lag, stress, birth and anaesthesia. Hematite aids the absorption of iron in the small intestines and benefits all fluid functions in the body. Egyptians used hematite to calm hysteria and anxiety and were used for amulets. Roman soldiers wore it for protection. The Chinese see hematite as being more Yang in nature. Native Americans used red ochre for ceremonies and for war paint.

Moonstone – Heightens consciousness, promotes intuition, empathy. Calms overreactions to situations, emotional triggers. Balances male-female energies. Opens the mind to serendipity. Soothes emotional instability, stress. Improves emotional intelligence. Enhances psychic abilities.

How do Gemstones work?
Gemstones have been used throughout various cultures and civilizations to heal and manifest. The Mayans, American Indians, and various Latin American and Indian cultures all contain histories rich with stone healing. It is, in fact, debatable whether jewellery was originally invented for adornment or energetic purposes.

Gemstones grow in the earth’s crust over millions of years at high pressures and heat, making them the objects on earth with the most energy. They are capable of receiving, containing, projecting, emanating, refracting, and reflecting light – the highest form of energy known in the physical universe. They not only move energy around the human form, but propel energy around the globe, and are often utilized within the areas of science and technology.

Gemstones operate by naturally focusing and magnifying the body’s innate energies, which dissipate and equalize mental, emotional and psychic stress. They further alleviate suppressed or unreleased pain, and help one to make desired shifts in every aspect of one’s being. The results are an elevated quality of life in all areas, including personal growth and optimum health.

Colours/shapes can Vary from the picture. Each piece is handmade and unique.


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